Amikod Capital embodies cutting-edge businesses, that bring true innovation into the world of financing. They all share the same mission: to become a catalyst for disruptive long-term change in the financial markets.

The idea started with the understanding that, in times of economic crisis, a company's greatest asset are its claims. Most companies are unable to get financing because they have no adequate collateral. So what if there was a way to extend the instrument of collateral to include claims?

This was the drive for the creation of the next generation of financing. Amikod devised a unique online Fair Value system, which is able to calculate daily valuations of the customer’s claims. This way the clients can monetize their claims instantly, while the creditor retains the collateral and effectively manages the risk. The model evolved into several products, each providing different financial services for the clients (financing, factoring, debt collection etc.).

Track record

Amikod's original idea and know-how has evolved over time. The team kept improving the model until they finally perfected it.


The idea and experiences that enabled the creation of Amikod stem from the founder's first company GA d.d. He started GA d.d. in 2000 and established the first online site for household appliances containing distinguished distributors, such as Electrolux, Bosch, Gorenje and Whirlpool. Altogether 60 brand names.

He sold GA d.d., in 2003, after its rapid success. It is now the second biggest company selling household appliances in Slovenia.

In the year 2003, the idea evolved into the second successful business, Dom kredit d.o.o. It was the first specialized financial institution providing direct financing for purchases in the shop. The solution was designed to check and approve a loan with the bank within 3 minutes, so the loan could be made immediately, completing the purchase.

The system was an exceptional success from the beginning and a year later the product was scaled; Raiffeisen bank in Slovenia and Bank Association of Slovenia adopted the idea and standardized the solution (known as BanKredit). Every bank was able to become a member of this standardized solution.


In 2005, the system was scaled throughout the region, this time with Volks Bank and Hypo Alpe Adria bank. With more than 100.000 contracts per year, the system was exponentially progressing.


Dom kredit provided knowledge and experiences that enabled the team to take this innovation even further. They simplified the original process and developed new know-how. In 2007 Amikod d.d. was founded. It became a successful provider of consumer loans and factoring in Slovenia.


In 2012 Amikod evolved into a holistic financial service, solving liquidity problems for Slovenian companies. It had over a 100 customers from different sectors, which included IT, retail, textile, construction, printing, travel, manufacturing etc.


In 2013, the company started a reorganization process, isolated the specialist know-how and prepared Amikod products for global scaling. Amikod started transferring its business to London.

The company's first international success came shortly after the transfer. A Red Herring winner in the 2013, Amikod was awarded as one of the most promising companies in Europe.

The team realized that there is so much opportunity for improvement in the business world. This is why they created Fun&Fund, one of the Amikod Capital products. Fun&Fund received the Red Herring Global 2013 award for one of the most promising companies in the world.

The vision for improving the financing business grew even stronger and gave rise to a combination of products (FactorPort, ClaimsGo and LiquiditySafe), which provide an integral financial service for the companies across the globe.

Awards and media

Amikod has received several acknowledgments just in the last year!

  • Red Herring TOP 100 Europe Winner

    Red Herring award 2013

    April 6, 2013

    Red Herring is a global media company with headquarters in Silicon Valley. Each year they run a competition for best high technology innovators. In the year 2013 the competition took place in Amsterdam, where they selected the top 100 private companies in the European region. One of them was a Slovenian company called Amikod d.d. The finalists are all perceived as most promising and positioned to grow at an explosive rate. This award is an important recognition for the winners as it attests to their innovativeness.

  • Red Herring TOP 100 Global Winner

    Red Herring award 2013

    November 26, 2013

    After the European awards, the competition took place in Santa Monica, CA, where they selected the top 100 private companies in the world. Amikod applied with Fun&Fund and won the award again. This second success aroused the interest of investors, entrepreneurs and the media.

  • MyPassion

    Thomson Reuters article

    Februar 05, 2014

    Amikod was also the centre of attention in the latest Thomson Reuters article!

    The Reuters' attention-grabbing article developed quite an echo: | | | | |

Our Products

Here are the products created by Amikod's team. They all derive from the same know-how, but have been developed into different financial services.